Comedy of Errors, August 2002                                            click to see photos of the show

Meet the Cast:

Duke/2nd Merchant - Jon Eccles






Egeon/Angelo - John Wright, Jr.







Antipholus of Syracusa -  Michael Redman







Antipholus of Ephesus - R. Daniel Walker





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Dromio of Syracuse - Scott Brown






Dromio of Ephesus - Jennifer Salter







Balthazar, a merchant - Jack Hollingsworth





Adriana - Alison Perrin






Luciana - Katie Roach






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Dr. Pinch, Messenger, 1st Merchant - Norman Ferguson






Aemillia, the Abbess - Kristine Metcalf






Courtezan - Melinda Redman





Officer - Steven Ross






Director - Carrie Sweet






Stage Manager - Jennifer Salter






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