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Headset , July 2004

Meet the Cast:

Hammet - Grey Tilden Grey is here as part of a sentence handed down by a Jefferson County Court for the importation of dangerous and illegal fireworks across the Tennessee border. He prefers to use his powers for evil, but (no, wait, he means "and") is glad to show Birmingham what it would be like if it had an Equity Theatre- at least the back stage part. He would like to thank his family, his four year-old kindergarten teacher, and his hairstylist who assures him, "You're hair's not just standing up, it's rising to the occasion!"




Claude - Terry Hermes Terry appeared in both of last summer's Shakespeare productions for the Park Players, and since no one hurled any rotten fruit his way, he is back for another season. This past December he played the lead role of Ralph the storyteller in ACTA's production of "A Christmas Story". Recently, he performed a monologue as Mark Twain for The Mind's Eye, a benefit variety show at the Alabama Theater. He will also play Peter Quince in the Park Players production of "Midsummer Night's Dream" in August. He has made it clear that phone threats will not deter him.





Garry Cooper - Norman Ferguson Jr. An Aquarius since birth, Norman enjoys documentaries and board games.
His turn-offs include people who talk with their mouths open and people who eat with their mouths full. He'd like to give a shout-out to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts!



Shannon - Kate Tilden Affectionately known as a "loose cannon, who hates puppies," Kate is a rising senior at Smith College majoring in philosophy.  When not witnessing grandmas driving through storefronts, Kate enjoys sitting around and watching the TV vigilantly anticipating the next "Amber Alert".  (This is her debut with Park Players and thinks her director should drink less caffeine!)  

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Patrolman Shubert - Clark Vines Anthony has starred in such memorable films as GODZILLA-A-GO-GO and BUDDA:THE BIG FAT MUSICAL. His stage performances include a long run as the ghost of Lenny in EVEN MORE RABBITS, the sequel to Of Mice and Men. Favorite roles include Gunter in GUNTER GET YOUR UZI and Potatoe in BITE ME MR. QUAYLE. When not on stage, Anthony likes to volunteer for the Woody Allen Moral Ethics Society. As always, he wishes to dedicate this performance to Gerald, the small grey mouse who lives in the left over knickers of Samuel Beckett which are stored in the wall of his room. He also ate the cookies.



and also starring, Dino Spezzini as Himself - Don Dino Spezzini was born on Dec. 4th, 1984 in Asuncion, Paraguay.  That is located in South America, not South Africa and it's not Portugal or Uruguay.  Dino is currently studying at the University of Montevallo, he is majoring in Theatre.  You can currently see him in Headset, or actually you CAN'T see him since he only has a SPEAKING PART, but he is the one that looks like a South African, NO!, I mean Uruguayan, wrong again, like a Paraguayan.  Well, if you are still dumbstruck you can 'google' it.  Dino's favorite color is blue, no black, actually red, well, it's a mixture of all of them.  He likes dogs and he enjoys long walks in the park, when it's not raining and he's not being mugged.  Just in case you are wondering, Dino IS a U.S. Citizen, so it will do you no good to call immigration.  Finally, you can catch Dino working at the Birmingham Zoo.  He is one of the chef's for the animals and he also works in the Children's Zoo.  Dino will also be in Park Player's last show this summer, "A Midsummer Night's Dream".  He will be featured as Flute and      WILL be seen on stage!  Dino would like to thank Park Players for this great opportunity.

Director - A. Clay Boyce After escaping from the mental hospital, Clay could think of no place better to hide than as the artistic director of Park Players.  Other than being amazed by bright, shiny objects, Clay likes to spend his free time in a washing machine.  (The spin cycle works WONDERS on your hair!)  He would like to dedicate this production to anyone who has had the misfortune of working with him onstage.  If he could send you all flowers, he would.




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  Stage Manager - Mike Oakes is one of the founding members of Park Players. Unlike the rest of his fellow board members he has no desire to be on stage and act. He is much happier being behind the set in his role as the 'strong back - weak mind' of the group. He has stage managed "King Lear", "Hamlet" "Romeo and Juliet", "The Merry Wives of Windsor" and "Othello". When not being the roadie for Park Players he works at UAB as a network administrator.






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