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Meet the Cast:

Stephen French
Stephen was found being raised by lemurs by a group of travelling players who also happened to be hedonistic gypsies. This should explain a lot to those who have known him over the years.After travelling the North American continent in an opium and absinthe haze, Stephen landed in Birmingham where he set about acting in and directing the kind of theatre he loved. Basically anything twisted (Hiding Behind Comets at B'ham Festival Theatre), seedy (The Little Dog Laughed at BFT), deviant (Quills at BFT), and goofy (well, this...). In rare forays into the relatively normal, Stephen has also been seen onstage with Muse of Fire (Henry V, Macbeth, and A Midsummer Night's Dream), Red Mountain Theatre (Chicago), and The Birmingham Children's Theatre (Peter and the Wolf, A Christmas Carol, and The Best Christmas Pageant Ever). He would like to thank Clay for bringing me into this, Connor for his youthful radiance, Steven for that Italian flava, and Krissy for giving me someone to make inappropriate jokes to. Most importantly, Stephen would like to thank Kristen for humoring his bizarre ways and his boys, Bennett and Peyton for still thinking Daddy is cool.

A. Clay Boyce
Clay is very happy to be out of the asylum and thrilled to seek shelter as the Artistic Director for Park Players. Other than being amazed by bright, shiny objects, Clay likes to spend his free time hurting himself. You may have seen him hiding from the law in other theatre houses around town like Montevallo Main Street Players ("Boy Gets Girl"), StageDoor Youth Theatre Company ("Zink, the Myth, the Legend, the Zebra") and Centerstage ("Music Man").  The next Shakespeare show that he is out to ruin is "Taming of the Shrew", which he is directing in August for Park Players.   He would like to dedicate this production Ted O'Brien.  I remember how much you hated this show because it "does not do the Bard justice!"  I'm sorry you're not here to help with this one Ted and tell me how bad an actor I am.  I miss your smile and your laugh.  I would also like to thank my wife Vicki and daughter, Victoria for just putting up with me at all! 

D. Connor McVey
Connor is Dionysus personified. When he is onstage, angels weep to be back on Earth. He is world renown for his Dimitri, his Eugene, and his one-man (unabridged, mind you) Hamlet. Connor's fame surely is remarkable as he chooses to perform primarily in his shower, alone, and rarely graces the public with his golden fleece like gift. He has two Obies, one Grammy, and several Crappys, and even more Awfullys. His resume is full of Awfully work. He has never won a Hobo Award, and this makes him sad. D. Connor McVey likes potatoes. You may have caught him onstage thinking about potatoes in Theatre Downtown's The History Boys or TNT's Reefer Madness!. D. Connor Mcvey is tired of talking about himself trying to make this boring bio thing fun for once... umm. Well. ... Try the chicken.


Assistant Director Steven Ross
Born at an early age, to a family of non-Mafia Sicilian Italians. Steven came into the world with one mission, find a mission. Once found he realized that he had fulfilled the one mission in finding it and now can relax and take it easy, and ignore the mission he had found. He currently has turned to high finance where he is aiding the son of the opposed deceased leader of Nigeria funnel millions of dollars out of the country and has won several international lotteries. He has been seen on stage in New York (Broadway) Chicago and Eastaboga, Alabama, where in all these places was escorted off the stage arrested and strip-searched (the best part). He is glad to be here.


Stage Manager Krissy Warren
Krissy Warren is happy to once again be back with the Park Players. This is her first shot at stage managing, so if Romeo comes out in a skirt or Juliet shows up in a page boy wig, please forgive her.
When she isn't trying to round up a group of unruly boys, she has actually been on stage a few times. You may have seen her in The Odd Couple, (the female version) as Olive, and as Tiff in Blackpool and Parrish, or as Tybalt (yes, Tybalt) in Romeo and Juliet (the comedy). You probably didn't see her in Spoon River Anthology, but that was because it was 1000 miles away in New York City.
She'd like to thank Clay, Steve, Steven, and Connor for making her blush at least once a rehearsal.


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